How Can We Do Better from a Community Perspective?

Greetings TIBCO Community! Mark Palmer here - I'm the senior vice president of the engineering for analytics, event processing, and Customer Success at TIBCO. We're excited to have launched our new TIBCO community. Many of you have asked "why a new community?" - this site is an important part of our multi-faceted plan to help improve our customer  journey with our products. We've designed the new community to support an open-source, closed core with our component exchange, where you can download and share free, BSD licensed components. We've designed the new community to provide improved Q&A, Wikis, and doc access. And we've designed the site to support the breadth of our product line.  Finally, although the backend is new, we control it and it's evolving quickly.

As we continually upgrade the site, we want your input by simply asking: "How can we do better?" "What needs to be better?" "What key functionality is missing?"

Thanks for your input, interaction, and participation!

- Mark

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