How to display grand total from Cross Table into a Text Area

Hello All,

Fairly new to Spotfire, but I am having trouble figuring out an expression to display an aggregated grand total of my data set. 

In the attached spreadsheet, I have my data set in the table on the left. Within Spotfire, I was able to create the cross table on the right, using an avg aggregation on the Type Well column. Spotfire also let's me display the grand total of the aggregation, using the Properties --> Totals --> Sum of Cell Values selection. The cell highlighted in yellow is the desired result that is produced. 

Is there a way that I can replicate the grand total result (aggregation included) in a custom expression? Given I'm still very green with Spotfire, I seem to get the total sum of all the data (non-aggregated) whenever I try to create a grand total expression in a text area but I'd like to get the result that is highlighted in yellow.

Hopefully the question is clear. 

Thanks for any help!






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