How do the different load methods work in spotfire, especially 'load on demand'?

Dear Community,

I have some difficulties understanding the way data can be loaded into spotfire.

When you want to add a data table, the following options are available for your load method:
-Import data
-Keep data external
This, in a sense, I still understand.

But than the option 'load on demand' is available. Here I have a few questions about:
-What does this option mean?
-When you previously chose for 'keep data external', is that not already loading data on demand? What happens when you select 'data on demand' with this combination?
-When choosing for import data, you can still select 'data on demand'. How works this option in combination with 'import data'? How can data be 'on demand' in combination with importing data?
-Which option is best suited in terms of performance for your dashboards (UI, speed, etc.)?

Hope someone is able and willing to clarify this for me:) Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,


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