How do do Lookup block conditionally

I'm importing accounts and child accounts to Dynamics 365/CRM. Not all accounts have a parent account. Here's a simulated sample of the data. Note the first record does not have a parent.







I'm using a Lookup block to find the parent account based. This works correctly if an account has a parent. However, if the account does NOT have a parent account, the Lookup block is still returning an account, but one that does not have an SAP Customer ID.


Basically, I want to know how to do the lookup only if there is a value in the Parent field, otherwise, I want to use NULL as the parent.


In Scribe Insight, I would use a pre-operation step control formula that would check the value of the parent field, and if it is null, skip the step. But I can't figure out how to do something similar in Scribe Online.

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