How do I change the label when using binned columns

I am trying to change what shows in the vizualization. I am using a bar chart and the catagory axis is showing x less than or equal to 100, 100 less than x less than or equal to 200 and so on. I am attaching a screen shot to illustartate this. I want it to show 0-100, 101-200, 201-300 etc..

I am not a programmer nor do I know how to write queries all that well. With that said below is the query I wrote howver it is not working and giving me an error:

The expresssion is not valid after 'THEN' on line 2 character 46.

I do not know how to fix this and need help. Also if there is an easier way to achieve what I am seeking let me know.

BinBySpecificLimits([Last Score],100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000)

<case ([Last Score]>0)and ([Last Score]<101) THEN "0-100"

WHEN ([Last Score]>100)and ([Last Score]<201) THEN "101-200"

WHEN ([Last Score]>200)and ([Last Score]<301) THEN "201-300"

WHEN ([Last Score]>300)and ([Last Score]<401) THEN "301-400"

WHEN ([Last Score]>400)and ([Last Score]<501) THEN "401-500"

WHEN ([Last Score]>500)and ([Last Score]<601) THEN "501-600"

WHEN ([Last Score]>600)and ([Last Score]<701) THEN "601-700"

WHEN ([Last Score]>700)and ([Last Score]<801) THEN "701-800"

WHEN ([Last Score]>800)and ([Last Score]<901) THEN "801-900"

WHEN ([Last Score]>900)and ([Last Score]<1000) THEN "901-1000"end>




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