How do I debug a Scribe Insight GP eConnector error received during SOP Transaction lines delete failure?

The error received during the delete attempt is "Error From Dynamics GP: Input variable contains an invalid SOP type (411), Required input variable Document No. or Item Number is empty (408), Document does not exist (409), Combination of Document No., Type, Item Number, LNITMSEQ, and CMPNTSEQ does not exist on document, line can not be deleted (999)".


If the delete step succeeds then I can receive the following error: "Error From Dynamics GP: Duplicate document number. If adding or updating lines to an existing document, Update If Exists must = 1 (2221), Duplicate Line Item Sequence in SOP10200 (450)

Check the following fields on the SOP Transaction Line object: 'Update If Exists', 'Document No.', 'Line Item Sequence', 'Type'."


What is the actual delete process from Scribe Insight to the GP eConnector?

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