How do I pass multiple values into Information Link(with Oracle Stored Procedure)?

I get an Stored Procedure in my Oracle DB, which needs only one parameter with it's type been varchar2. And I create a Procedure Elements in  Information Designer loos like 001.png. Then I create an Information Link with no any parameter(see 002.png). And in my Library, I add a new Data Table by chossing the IL I just created, and press "Use On-demand"(see 003.png). Then, I Define the Input of On-Demand Settings as 004.png.


BUT! When I mark some rows of Data Table: CPBINMAPSIMILARITY, the other Data Table(let's say ILTable) shows only one item which's GROUP_NAME is one of the marked rows. Is there any way to pass multiple values(marked rows from another Data Table) into stored procedure through load on-demand?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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