How do I select multiple search terms within a property and populate a cross table using $csearch, and how do I get rid of the aggregation method in the column titles when using $csearch?

Hi! I am hoping there is an answer to this one. I have a cross table; the cell values are populating from a search of terms contained in a MultiSelectListBox property control.

This is the phrase we're using to search the Data Table for terms selected by the user from the MultiSelectListBox
$map("Avg($esc($csearch([DataTable],"${MultiSelectListBox}")))", ",")

I'm running into two big issues:

  1. Although I can select multiple values within the MultiSelectListBox, the cross table is only able to populate the table with one search at a time and errors out with "the expression is not valid after ',' if I select more than one search term
  2. I cannot seem to relabel the column titles to the column title itself rather than "Avg(Column Title)" - I've tried calling the following:
    1. $map("Avg($esc($csearch([DataTable],"${MultiSelectListBox}"))) as [DataTable]", ",") and can relabel the columns as any phrase I want within the [DataTable] but can't call a property or get rid of the Avg() around the column titles.
  3. (adding this one on - smaller issue): how do you make the "searched" columns sort in a specified order (in my example, 1 then 2 then Difference)? So far I can only seem to get them to sort in order of creation?

I would very, very much appreciate any help.


Binary Data sample_data.dxp60.36 KB


Sean - thanks for the suggestion; I've uploaded a sample file and will keep my fingers crossed.
robin.angell - Mar 11, 2016 - 6:17am ::
Do you have a sample .dxp with your setup? That would greatly help in getting you the exact modifications you need.
Sean Riley - Mar 11, 2016 - 5:50am ::
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