How do you handle frequent CRM Updates with unchanging data?

I'd like to know how most users handle making frequent updates to Dynamics CRM when data in any given field is not "new".  As many will know, updating a CRM field, even if the new value and old values match, will trigger the Update event on the record in CRM.  Further, mapping a field in Scribe means that no matter how you set up your logic, that field will be written to in some way. This means Audit Logs are appended, plugins and workflows fire, and the ModifiedOn value changes. For some clients any one of these factors can be a serious issue, and Criteria filters don't help individual field requirements or large maps. We would love to avoid that for individual mapped fields in Scribe when the value is unchanged.


Does anyone have any interesting ideas to share on this topic, or ways you have found to circumvent the issue?

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