How do you manipulate data in JSVIZ using d3.js?

Hey Everyone,

I know there are quite few tutorials online about how to use d3.js with JSVIZ in Spotfire, but I'm looking for a pretty general response. I have a JS file that is using d3.js, and I somehow can't get my JS script to use the data in Spotfire. When I develop locally I can simply set a path to where the data is, and in my case it's a JSON file, but in Spotfire how does the JS file know where the data is? I've seen in other code examples where people are using the parameter "data" in fucntions like rendercore, but what is "data" and where did it come from? Data doesn't seem to have been intialized anywhere in this code.

I'll attach a screenshot, and let me know if anyone wants to see my code as well, but in generaly I'm just trying to understand how my JS script can use Spotfire data.



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