How does it work BPM and ActiveMatrix SOA suite?

Hi everybody,

In our company in IT and process consulting (Quebec, Canada) we are trying to undestand and use all this technical and business modeling tools from Tibco. But we are little bite confused about process modeling, object modeling and service integration by using SOA approach. So, is there someone able to explain me where it starts and finishes all this stuff. We have done our process and object modeling by using Tibco business studio. it's clear and well structured as work. After that, we need to show and explain to our clients how all these activities created in BPM can be linked or integrated to existant systems. How do ActiveMatrix Service Bus & Grid work? and how about our modeled process, are we supposed to use it and how in order to create these integration and interdependencie among all existant applications without having to become an expert across technologies? our client need to know all the developpement life cycle: from process modeling to service platform for heterogeneous SOA. I really appreciate your help

thank you so much