How to dynamically increment SalesOrderDetails from Wait For Request into CRM Dynamics

Hi Scribe fans!


I have a requirement that I am currently working on and seem to be hitting a bit of a wall with it. 


We have a public facing e-commerce website that orders are made on and these orders are being sent to an endpoint generated from a Wait For Request Block. We then want to push these orders and their order products into MS Dynamics CRM and relate them accordingly.


In this we are outlining the request with the fields we expect to receive from the website. However here comes the tricky part. As part of this, every product has multiple product lines, of which can be incremental and also dynamic. For example 1 order could have 1 order product line item. Another order could have 2 different order product line items with different information in each. 


Furthermore there is no limitation on how many products can be in 1 order therefore the number of line items possible can be infinite.


I basically need to figure out a way to have each field from a line item repeat itself dependant on the number of line items and thus allowing me to handle however many line items in an order.


Currently for testing we have been numbering the fields i.e. lineitem1sku, lineitem1name, lineitem2sku, lineitem2name etc.


Has anyone ever come across a similar sort of problem when working with website order data or maybe had a similar requirement. All help is welcomed and to be honest I will take anything right now!


Thanks again!!