How to enable Clustering on two Spotfire Servers without warnings, and verify that the cluster works well.

Hi dear All,

I have installed two Spotfire 7.12 on Windows, then configure Hazelcast cluster between them, as in the guide,  Enable Clustering on both of them and open the port 5701 on Firewalls.

When I start the second server, I can see Notifications:

"The supervisor could not communicate with the supervisor at 4/12/18 10:07 AM. Details:
I/O error on POST request for " e4-45ee-84gg-gI 143c301acb":; nested exception is java. net. Unknown HostException:" 

Both servers in the Nodes & Services Menu showing as a yellow.

I did use as a Spotfire address Server1 FQDN, and if I turn off the first server, Spotfire is not accessible then at all.

Please let me know how to configure two Spotfire Server without warnings, and if it's possible to use the second one if the first one is down.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Authentication: BASIC Database

User directory: Database






Thanks in advance.


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