How to freeze the row headers in Crosstab using script?


I am using crosstab visual which is having "Date" on Horizontal axis , "Amount" column on cell values and "Business" column on Vertical axis. I am showing 90 dates on Horizontal axis and Business will have always 5 values.I have total 6 crosstabs like this in same page one by one. So, is there any way we can Freeze the row headers of crosstab visual and have a common horizontal scroll for all the visuals. I am able to create common horizaontal and vertical scroll using "Set minimum Size", but when I did this , if I use my horizontal scroll I am not able to see business values., I mean not able to freeze business values along with horizontal scroll.  I tried with freeze headers property in crosstab visual, but it is not working if we change the size of page (if we increase the page width to get common horizontal scroll for all the visuals), Appreciate your help.

Attached is the sample images of actual cross tab visual and After using the horizontal scroll (Business is not appearing).


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Image icon after_using_horizontal_scroll.png17.01 KB

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