How to get data from SAP (as soon as status is changed), when there is no IDOC

This question is on SAP adapter.


How to send status updates (status is a field) happening in SAP on JMS queue?

Does SAP provide options to monitor data, and publish the data on JMS as soon as the data is changed?

If an iDOC is not present, how this data can be published on ESB?


Lets say I have a table called PROD_STATUS in SAP.

And say, there is no iDOC associated.

But we need to publish the event (status field is changed) to other systems. How to achieve that? Is it possible to create an iDOC

The requirement is how to publish the data from SAP to other systems (we have Tibco SAP Adapter) when there is no IDOC. Our transport is EMS.


Any help is appreciated.