How to get element id in HTML and set fixed height for text area when page tab is clicked?

Hi everyone,

I started working with Spotfire (7.10) two weeks ago and I am new to HTML as well as Java and basically everything around it. So please assume that I need an explanation for a newbie.

I have several tabs and most of them include two text areas in the top (one with a company branding and title for that page and one with some general data). I want these two text areas to have the exact same size on every page so that it does not look like they are "jumping" when switching between tabs.

Is there a possibility to assign the height and width of these two text areas everytime the user clicks on the tab (like in this case "Sensitivity: Quantity") by a script? Is this actually the best way to do this or is there another solution to it?

I tried to assign heigths but encountered the problem that the id's (like the one in the screenshot: id="id16939") of the text areas seem to be changing everytime the tab is opened. How do i get the id's of such elements?

These dashboards will be used by colleagues and I am assuming they will adjust some of the bar charts that are place below the text areas. But I for sure want these textareas in the dashboards to look nice and clean without different heights and widths when they are clicking through them.

Hopefully, I am on the right track.

Thanks in advance!




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