How to get the solution on below things?

Hi All,

Request you to help on below things. I have the data like " [Year], [Summary Type], [Code] & [Forecast Amount] " 

Year has 10 values (from 2017 to 2026) 

Summary Type has 2 categorys (Cost & Benefit)

Code has 2 Categorys (Capital & Operating) 

My Requirement is 

Q1: How to Exclude 2017 from year column by using expression (2017 is not required. need to remove by putting a condition)

Q2: How to Exclude Benifit from Summary Type ( Benifit is not required. need to remove by putting a condition)

* Q3:  Need to caluclate Exp Cost & Cap Cost by giving the condition (Please suggest calculation )

Cap Cost:  Summary Type = "Cost" and Code = "Capital" then should get [Forecost Amount]

Exp Cost : Summary Type = "Cost" and Code = "Operating" then should get [Forecost Amount]

Q4: Sould show a Side by Side bar graph of Cap Cost & Exp Cost for 3 years with different colour ( Start Year, Start year+1, Start year +2 (If i select 2018 in the year filter : need to show in the bar chart like 2018, 2019, 2020 Dynamically). How should i create side by side bar in spotfire? How should i fix dynamic year Condition? 

PFA- My Spotfire Dxp file with Sample data & Excel data (Source)

Kindly help on this.







Binary Data spotfire_report_._dxp.dxp82.66 KB

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