How to implement Calculated expression column as a filter


I am doing month to date recon. and my date is keep on changing which selected by the end user I filtred my data using the filter expression base on the date selected.

I used cross table and I have 2 column and compute the difference as expression column.

I also another column expression to validate the result if greater than or equal to 1000 I put Yes or No if not (@ column K1Over).

My dilemma is how to use the K1over colum as filter because I only want to display my data that 1000+ as difference or display < 1000

I try a pivot transformation and insert column but there is no sum expression when matchingn the columns. 

Can you please help, or suggest how to implement scenario like this?

Here is sample scenario

LmitLetter      Reported PNL     PAA Actual     DIFF(Calculated Expression)    K1Over (calculated expression)

AAA                6000                   5000               1000                                            Yes     

BBB                 8000                   7500               500                                              No  -> to filtered out

CCC                 2000                   1000               1 000                                           Yes

DDDD              1000                   1000                0                                                  No   -> to filtered out


Much appreciated. 



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