How to improve Spotfire WMS layer ArcGIS maps performance ?

Hi Team, I am using wms arcgis map as mapping layer in my analysis, and it is functioning on client and web player as well.

However, the performance is poor. It takes time to load and if I am using the same wms link in another tab, even that map will start loading again. To be precise if I am moving from tab to tab, the map will start loading again.

Can we do something like if I login once to a wms link I should be allowed to access relevant maps in another tab, can we prevent wms loading after initial load?

In another scenario, I am trying to plot contour lines, on map chart as a feature layer I have used the below-mentioned link as a reference: This is working but it takes a long time to get reflected. Could you please provide suggestions to improve performance? Thanks and Regards, Tousif

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