How to Join Multiple Tables from Oracle Database

Hello Guru's

I am a complete newbie to Spotfire and am trying to understand how to join three tables together user information designer. I have read the help page on information designer joins links follows:

I just want to join three tables, when I add the primary/foreign keys to the join columns and specify the alias within free hand %1 = %2 AND %1 = %3 and attempt to save the join I receive the error "Unexpected number of columns in the join condition."

I have used the create column function to add all of the columns to the Elements folder that I created and also not adding any of the columns and I get the same result. Additionally I can join just two of the tables and it works. I need to join all three data tables to get the data set that I want.

The scenario that I have is


Table Vendor(alias %1)  with primary vendor information Table Vendor Address (alias %2) and table Vendor Bank Details (alias %3) the column join works within excel so I know that the keys are just fine. The problem now is Spotfire, can any one shed some light?

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