How to limit size of dashboards?

Hi all,

I have several dashboards with only a few pages which are derived from a large dashboard (200+ MB) because I wanted to use similiar logic for the small ones. (In essence I saved copies of the big one and deleted alle pages and scripting I did not need). The small dashboards have one or two pages and fewer properties/IronPython scripts/Javascripts than their bigger brother yet they are only a bit smaller (all still 200+ MB).

What is causing these smaller dashboards to have such a huge size? Note that there is NO embedded data in these dashboards!



Hi Khusboo,

Thanks for your reply! Yes there are on-demand tables in some, but only two or three. This is less than the original, larger, dashboard.

Also, I have some dashboards with no on-demand data, which are just linked to the database. These are also still 200+ MB.

Bart vLdJ - Aug 12, 2018 - 11:39pm

Is there any data on demand tables? Have you tried deleting unwanted data tables?

Khushboo R - Aug 12, 2018 - 8:27pm
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