How to make drilling down interactive?

I just viewed one of the Sportfires provided demos called "Analyzing stock performance". In that demo they are using the new  kpi chart vizualization. The first page contains all the different sectors. When a user click on one of the sectors, the user is navigated to a new page that contains that particular sectors related KPI's. 

Again if the user is interested in the details of that KPI. He or she can click on that and then get's navigated to another page with the different charts showing the details.

I am a new user to SpotFIre and do not know how to provide a user with the functionality of "automatically" nagivating them to drill down details on a new page. ( Eg - from sectors , to kpis, to details) 

I have attached the link of the demo/ webplayer for more clarification.

I would aprrectiate any information i can get on this subject. 

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