How to make R scripts works on Webplayer

Good day!  Hope you are well.  I would like to seek for your guidance on "How to make R scripts works on Webplayer". Our Spotfire is ver 7.5.

I read that I need to install TSSS to achived this goal. However, I read that there are 2 ways , (1) Standalon (2) by Clusters.

Our Spotfire set up is like this:

1 server - Spotfire Server

1 server - Spotfire Webplayer and set it as node to Spotfire Server

1 server - for SQL Database

1 server - for SQL Databse Back up


Should I need to have a separte server dedicated to TSSS like Webplayer and set it as node of Spotfire server?


Please enlighten me on what should action I  need to take and consider,  if you have a documentation how how to apply this TSS requirement is higly appreaciated.


Many Thanks,





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