How To Migrate From CRM 4.0 to Dynamics 365

I just wanted to share this, since I am going through this right now.  As we know the connectors don't support CRM 4.0 any longer for SCRIBE Online.  But, there is still a way to migrate  the data.  I ran into a case where the Server OS, SQL Database and CRM Version where all unsupported by SCRIBE Online.  To get around this what I ended up installing the on-premise agent on a supported server version.  I then setup an ODBC connection to the CRM 4.0 database from that supported server to the unsupported database server.  In SCRIBE Online I then setup an ODBC connector.  Sure enough we now have access to all the data in the CRM 4.0 instance.  I have already migrated acocunts and contact successfully from CRM 4.0 to Dynamics 365 online.


Just wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this same scenario.