How to pass multiple parameters to stored procedure based on multi select


I'm new to Spotfire and I have a question regarding mulit-select as source for a stored procedure.

I have a report with one datatable based on a view which serves as the source for a report table.

I have another datable based on a stored procedure which has 1 parameter as input. This parameter is linked to a column value from the first datable.

If I select 1 row in the first table the parameter of the column is correctly passed to the stored procedure and a chart is populated with the data. But how can I make it work based on multiple selection? For example, if a user selects 2 rows I want both parameters passed to the stored procedure (basically executing the stored procedure twice, once for each selected row) and use both resultsets as the input for the chart. Is this at all possible? I did find that you can define the stored procedure with "Multiple values" but the values need to be passed based on a user selection in the first table.

Any pointers appreciated.

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