how to plot the Hyperbolic equation in a semilog plot

Hi There:

I am using Spotfire 6.5, and I managed to insert the hyperbolic function published by TIBCO in the exchange and applied to public data for a field in the North Sea. This analysis is usually more powerful in the Semi-log plot but I can not find a way to plot this function is semilog. I have tried,

- Switching the Y log to semilog, it will change the data but not the fitted function.
-Tried to include log() in the draw line equation below proposed by TIBCO, but I always get an error that log function is not valid.
case when [x] <=0 then NULL else ${Hyp.qi} * ((1 +([x] * ${Hyp.b} *
${Hyp.Di.daily})) ^ (-1 / ${Hyp.b})) end
- I have not tried anything in the script because I am not sure which line modify to get the results.

Any suggestion?



Binary Data dca-example.dxp183.24 KB