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How to plot a map viz from data in oracle sql?

Hi everyone,

I got this data in oracle DB that is storage like this in a CLOB column:


MULTIPOLYGON(((-108.72070312499997 34.99400375757577,-100.01953124999997 46.58906908309183,-90.79101562499996 34.92197103616377,-108.72070312499997 34.99400375757577),(-100.10742187499997 41.47566020027821,-102.91992187499996 37.61423141542416,-96.85546874999996 37.54457732085582,-100.10742187499997 41.47566020027821)),((-85.16601562499999 34.84987503195417,-80.771484375 28.497660832963476,-76.904296875 34.92197103616377,-85.16601562499999 34.84987503195417)))


So, I would like to plot this in a map chart, is it possible? If so, how to do it?