How to resolve 'Error opening data source Scribe.NavAdapter.Database' issue and NAS Server Name in Scribe Adapter connection for Dynamics NAV



I have a problem in setting up connection for Dynamics NAV 2017 in scribe nav adapter, I can connect to the SQL Server instance NAVDemo using SQL Server management studio and NAV administration. But when setting up connections using scribe adapter for Dynamics NAV, I'm getting this below error,  


Error Number:104, Error opening data source Scribe.NavAdapter.Database (machineName\NAVDEMO). Can anyone please help in resolving this issue?


Also, there is field  "NAS Server Name" in NAV adapter connection setup, I could find that NAS components are replaced as NAS Services in Dynamics NAV 2017, seems NAS is supported in the earlier version of Dynamics NAV. I have installed the Demo version of Dynamics NAV 2017, so can anyone let me know, What is NAS server Name in Dynamics NAV 2017.


Additional Info: I'm using the latest version of Scribe Insight, Scribe Adapters for Dynamics NAV. 


Please let me know if there is any further information that I can provide.

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