How to run spotfire functionalities in docker containers


I need to run spotfire server, spotfire analyst, and spotfire web player in docker containers.

My questions are 

1. Has Tibco already distributed docker images of these 3? 

2. According to system requirement, it says that containers are not supported regarding spotfire server and spotfire web player.

    Does it mean that Tibco has not distributed docker images?  I guess that it is possible to create a docker container of spotfire server because spotfire server can run in linux(Redhat).

3. Now spotfire web player and analyst can run only in windows os. However, is there a possibility to release linux supported web player and analyst in the future?

4. Please tell me what TIBCO BusinessWorks container edition can do?  I guessed that it would be kind of development tool to create a container file.

    Can I create a docker container of spotfre with TIBCO BusinessWorks container edition?

5   I red a readme of github regarding 

     It seems that some tibco products work as a container and run in specific directory. For example, we are able to run TIBCO Rendezvous® software in tibrv:8.4.5 directory in a container. Is my understanding correct? I am interested in whether spotfire work with this sdk.


Thank you for your reading.


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