How to Set Business Process Flow Stages in CRM for Opportunities? Please help.

I am migrating data from Excel to Dynamics 365 CRM. The source data contains a field that is considered the current stage. I need to set the stage of the business process flow that is on the opportunity records.


I currently have my map setup as follows:

  1. Create Opportunity
  2. Lookup Opportunity
  3. Create Business Process Flow
  4. Lookup Business Process Flow
  5. Update Opportunity


I am using the activestageid field to set the stage with the GUIDs I retrieved for each stage in the process flow.


When I run the map, some stages map correctly, while others do not. And I also get some duplicate Opportunity records.


Additionally, I am having trouble updating the Status and State for the Opportunity in the Update block....


I would greatly appreciate any help as I cannot seem figure this out.

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