How to set FormData in .js file of Custom GI Form in Browser client

Hi All,

how is formData is being populated in .js file of Custom GI Form in browser client. by default we have following function avaliable:

ipcClass.prototype.getFormData = function() {

var formData;

// Any one of the three samples below could be used here. These
// samples all produce the same result, but illustrate different
// ways to handle setting the field data values.

return formData;

When i am trying to Release the GI Form , forn is not getting Released. Problem is formData is undefined in Release Method.

ipcClass.prototype.doRelease = function() {
var formData = this.getFormData();

if (formData != null) {

this.showUserMessage ('in Release1');
var releaseRequest = this.createReleaseRequest(formData);
var socket = this.socketRequest(releaseRequest);
if (socket.isSuccess() && socket.getSsoErrorMsg() == null) {


Thanks in Advance