How to set the Range Filters Min and Max value Using iron Python ?

Hi All,

I need to get a min and max value from a specific columns and I need to set that min and max value as a range in slider which should present in a text area.

By using below code i Can able to get the min and max value from  the column "Total # of subjects with Queries". But I  dont have an idea about how to set this in a slider which is present in text area. can you please help on the same.

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Filters import *
from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import *

filters = Application.Document.FilteringSchemes[Application.Document.ActiveFilteringSelectionReference][Application.Document.ActiveDataTableReference]

filter = filters["Total # of subjects with Queries"].As[RangeFilter]()
column = myDataTable.Columns["Total # of subjects with Queries"]
min = column.RowValues.GetMinValue(activeselection).ValidValue
max = column.RowValues.GetMaxValue(activeselection).ValidValue

filter.ValueRange = ValueRange (min,max)
print min
print max

- I need to create 4 Range filters(Sliders) in text area including above filters and based on that range my cross table needs to be updated . So how to releate those 4 Range filters together since, I have created as individual Range Filters(Sliders).





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