How should I approach IronPython?

How should I approach IronPython? Would it be helpful to learn a bit about basic Python? There are a lot of videos even on Youtube and that shows you how to do Python. Would this be helpful in getting a good understanding of IronPython and its syntax or would it be a distraction? I'm assuming that IronPython is Python + .NET, but it could be a totally different implementation and I should just focus on IronPython and not Python. What about Python for Visualizations? I see lots of books on that topic on Amazon.


I'm learning IronPython ONLY to be a better Spotfire developer. Should I get a good footing on Python/IronPython or should I ONLY focus on what I need to know in Spotfire?


Here is my basic plan:

1) Watch a few videos on Python and get a good basic understanding of the syntax and how to use it.

2) Get the book IronPython in Action

3) Look at the IronPython samples for Spotfire and/or take a look at the Developers training for Spotfire.


My hope is that Python will help me grasp IronPython (with exception to the .NET libraries), IronPython (which uses .NET) will prepare me for using the Spotfire API. These will prepare me for the sample code and possibly help me get more out of the Spotfire Developers training.


What do you guys think? is this the long way around? A good plan? Or it really won't work as I expect? I hear there are differences between Python and IronPython, but I could not find anything on Google that explained whether I should use Python as a way to learn IronPython or not.


In truth, maybe learning Python and IronPython in isolation from Spotfire may be too broad and I should just learn enough to do Spotfire development. What I fear though is that I won't have a good foundation.





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