How to show the total average of filtered dataset on line level (part of dataset) in Cross Table

Dear all,

I have a dataset on which I have set some filters. After filtering I create a Cross Table that shows averages on Turnover per Product (see below). The cross table automatically shows the total average of the filtered data on the totals line at the bottum of the table. What I am trying to achieve is to present the total average (15,21 in the example) on each line of the cross table. Until now I haven't worked it out how to do this.

I tried using a calculated column in the dataset which calculates the total average of a sector (using over statements) so that I could use this column in the Cross Table. But this option didn't work too well as my filter settings within the filtered sector are much more complex that in the example below. So if change a filter I would like to have the total average moving with it.

Could anyone help me out here?


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