How to split a row based on start and end time of a record?

I have a database that have many failure records. These records have two columns that show the record start time and end time. The failure can have a duration greater than a day. for example, the failure record starts on 1/06 at 10am and finishes on 4/06 at 4pm. I need to split this record in 4 diferent rows, one per day being the first one start time 1/06 10am and end time 2/06 8am (i need to use "gas day" which is from 8am to 8am) then the next rows would be from 2/06 8am to 3/06 8am and the last one from 3/06 8am to 4/06 4pm. I've attached a spreadsheet with a small example. Is there anyway i can do that in Spotfire?


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