How to trace requirements within modelling diagrams

I've waited a week and got no response so am reposting this question (correcting some typos) hoping someone can offer guidance to the following:

I'm a systems analyst and a newbie to Tibco Business Studio but have diligently tried to find an answer to a question and it seems no one is even asking it, so I will:

Management wants traceability from BPM's back to textual business/functional/systems requirements. How do people best enter this tracing information so that

1. it is convenient to enter when creating the process models

2. It is reportable (for completeness)

3. Multiple requirements may be satisfied by different parts of the same complex process diagram

4. One requirement may span multiple diagrams?

I see Sparx systems offers tracing (see - partway down the page) and think us Tibco people need it also.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me how you trace requirements in your organization.


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