How to trellis a treemap to have different sized trellis areas ...

Hello all, 

This should be v. straightforwards, but sense I am missing something basic yet crucial...!!

I am trying to create a treemap to compare sales for this years, 2016, with sales in the future, 2017 - 22. What I want to do is show the categories of where sales will be originating from in the two time "classes" -- This Year or Future. 

I've trellised the plot by my so called "Time Class" field, but what I want is the trellis for the Future to be bigger than the This Year trellis -- at the moment, Spotfire has equally sized the two trellis windows. I'm using made up numbers, but I have sales this year of being 3k and future sales being 15k -- so ideally would expect the future sales part of the trellis to be ~5x bigger than this year's sales. 

Any thoughts on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance, Jon. 

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