How to Use JSViz?

Hello All,


I''m trying to work with JSViz but I can't find a proper starting point for it. All there is just advanced examples like the funnel and zoomnetworkchart examples. Most of them also reference some legendary JSViz example from Spotfire which is no where to be found, most paages just bolds it like I just did with no linking. I appreciate the existance of working examples, but shouldn't there be a preceeding step to that? a proper documentation? Like where does this JSViz.js file come from? Do I have to create it myself? or is it generated by JSViz control automatically?

I'm trying to get it working with GoJS by modifying the zoomnetworkchart example, but I have reached a point where I get a blank screen within the JSViz control with nothing in the log file nor the errors screen. I'm not even trying to load data. Where is the JS console window, by the way, like in the browsers? I just want to learn how to use JSViz and understand its file structure as well as how to debug in spotfire/JSviz.




I've already went through these links:



They both reference each and leads you to an annoying circular loop of learning.

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