How to use Query Publisher Comparison?

I'm trying to use the Query Publisher Comparison feature for the very first time in my relatively long Scribe experience.


Source is SAP and target is D365 (inventory management in Field Service).


We are getting inventory quantity on hand from SAP (key is material/plant/storage location), comparing the quantity to what's in D365, and then creating inventory adjustment records for the difference.


Initially, if there is a quantity for that key combination, the data will be sent and the inventory adjustment record will be created appropriately. However, if the quantity then goes to 0 in SAP, the next time the data comes from SAP there will be no record for that key combination so no inventory adjustment gets created. This results in inventory records in D365 with a quantity but the quantity should be 0.


I figured I could use the Query Publisher Comparison feature to help identify changed and deleted records, but I can't figure out exactly how to set it up.


I've seen this in the help file (, but I think it doesn't explain everything that needs to be done to make this work.