How to write data to Data Extensions

Scribe exposes Data Extensions in ExactTarget. What we have discovered is, when mapping fields to the ExactTarget Data Extension, any non-string field must contain data when mapped. What this means as a integration designer is, if you think a data value coming from your source and being mapped to a non-string field in ET could be null or empty, you must build a formula around this in order to pass some value across as a default. I have used the formula below for Date values IF(ISNULLOREMPTY(Person.BirthDate), " 1/1/1900" , Person.BirthDate).

This will pass along a 1/1/1900 if the value is null, or the birth date if its not. By doing this, you should avoid errors (the error generally says Error Code 2, which roughly translates to " something bad happened somewhere" )


Posted by Brendan P. on Apr 17 2015 6:14PM { U40 , F16 , T3926 , C11915 }