HubSpot Removing Access To Public Contact URLs

HubSpot is removing access to its Public Contact records on January 23, 2019. If your TIBCO Scribe ® Online HubSpot integration has the "profileurl" field on the Contact entity mapped, you may be affected by this HubSpot change. The "profileurl" field currently provides the URL to a Contact's public profile.


TIBCO Scribe ® will release an update to the Connector for HubSpot on January 18, 2019 that addresses this issue by providing additional fields for Contact record and Contact Timeline URLs. Note that accessing Contact information using these URLs requires a login to HubSpot


Actions Needed by you:

  1. I do not use the profileurl field - No actions needed.
  2. I use the profileurl field - No actions needed, but after Public Contact record access is removed, this field may not work as expected.
  3. I want to make use of new fields provided in the latest update of the Connector for HubSpot - After the Connector update,  reset Metadata on your Hubspot connection, then  map the Contact.HubspotContactUrl and or the Contact.HubspotContactTimelineUrl fields. Consider removing the "profileurl" field from your maps.


For more information, see the HubSpot Removing Access To Public Contact Records article.