I have a data set of orders. which includes an open date column and a closed date column. I want to plot those in a way which I can see how many orders are open on any given date.

My data set contains rows which are orders. Each order has an opened date and potentially a closed date (some are currently open)  I want to plot how many orders are opened, closed and currently open against a calendar. How do I get a calendar on the X axis which is NOT the closed date or the open date but just date....


for instance, on a given date I want to have a count of the number of orders which were closed that date, easy enough, count of order numbers against closed date. But, I also want to count the orders which were opened that date and how many are currently open. That doesn't work when I am plotting against Closed date on the X axis since orders will show up on the date they were closed.

I feel as if I need to add a seperate table of just dates and plot that as X but there must be a better way.

Any help would be appreciated.   

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