I just upgraded to 3.7, but now I am getting a metadata error that didn't exist in 3.6.1. What is the problem?

I have upgraded GP Adapter for Scribe from 3.6.1 version to 3.7, and now I' m getting a Metadata error in SOP Line Lot INSERT step from a DTS that was working properly on the 3.6.1 version of GP Adapter. The error that Scribe throws is: Error in metadata, contact Scribe support. Sproc parameter '@I_vEXPNDATE' is mapped to non-existent field 'EXPNDATE'. We are using MS GP 9.0 and eConnect

Posted by Derek S. on Feb 6 2009 3:25PM { U304 , F11 , T217 , C533 }

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