IEA Spotfire dxp does not connect to StreamBase


I tried to open and use the dxp that is provided in the IEA 1.1.1 package.

First of all, it would be good to have some kind of docs coming with this dxp explaining what it does and how it relates to the the Streambase part.

Trying to use the button to refresh the button to update the slope on StreamBase, it did not work. Error is 'socket connection failed'. I checked the data function script behind the button, and it attempts to connect to port 9999. I checked and no program is listening on that port.

When I look at the IEA_ESP.sbapp, it seems it opens a web socket at port 8888 to receive data from Spotfire.

I may be wrong but there seems to be a disconnect between the SB part and the Spotfire part. Can you please advise ?



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