Image from URL shown for Top 5 Products


I'm struggling with something due to limitations of showing Image from URL only in Table visualisation.

In our business we have four Store Regions. I'm trying to create a page which shows photos (from URL) of the Top 5 products (indicated by Product Code/Description) sold for each of those Store Regions

My table is unaggregated but obviously we need to see the ranking based on TOTAL Sales. It would be easy enough to just aggregate the table except that there are other considerations:

  1. Ideally the top 5s would be responsive to filter changes, eg. I might want the user to view images of top 5 products in a specific Product Category selected by filter, or I might want a user to be able to view the top 5 Products for a chosen Store Name.
  2. Certain rows always need to be excluded, for example those with products in 'LGH' Product Department, and/or those sold in stores with Store Status '16/17'

I've attached a small sample of the data.

Any thoughts?

Thank you, in advance.





File example_for_top_ten_query.xlsx29.59 KB

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