Impossible to cleanly remove an inserted column?

Hello everyone,

I have once instered a column by using the function Insert>Columns then selected data from a local  XLS file.

Later, because I didn't need it anymore, I removed that column from the Column Properties manager and the XLS file has been deleted from my computer.

BUT, spotfire keep asking me for the file! Indeed, when I check the Source Information from the main data table, I still can see the following lines:

5. Select Insert > Columns...
Select source: File

File location: C:\workarea\my_excel_file.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Workbooks
Match columns:
C.S. => C.S
Select join method: LeftOuterJoin
Treat empty values as equal: False

When I open the DXP, spotfire askes me to find the missing file but the main problem is that this dashboard cannot be opened in the webplayer anymore

How can I delete that for good?


Thanks for your help.



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