Improving the performance of Matlab Data Functions in TIBCO Spotfire®

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We are starting to use Matlab to write Data Functions called by the TIBCO Spotfire® / Tibco Business Intelligence software instead of using TERR/R/Splus. Both Matlab & Spotfire are installed on a Wintel server with 4 core processors and 8Gb RAM. The performance is EXTREMELY slow. E.g. the Data Function calculate correlations on a matrix or 2552 columns by 20 rows takes 34 minutes, on a matrix of 506 columns by 20 rows takes 2 minutes when one single user is running the process in a local client session (the process can also be run over a Web player). The calculations take seconds when the Data Function is run in Matlab alone on our PCs which have similar hardware configurations. Is this a known limitation of using Matlab and Spotfire together or are adjustments required to the Matlab or Spotfire configuration?.

The information we have come accross on integrating Matlab and Spotfire did not lead us to expect such difficulties, e.g.:

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