Include (None) alternative not showing up in LIST BOX


I have a Property Control I created.  I Set Property Value throught:  Unique value in colmumn(so I wouldn't need to continuously update it).  I checked the Include (None) alternative, because i wanted the option of having it select all values.  From there I am then using that field to filter the data in the visualization to be that specific unit. 

I have attached a document with some of the screen shots of what I am seeing. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!





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I have found a "work around" that sort of resolved the issue.  I did a lot of reading around drop down boxes and thought I would try it with that.  Which I did and it worked great, AND since I was using the same Property Control it forced the NONE choice to appear in both Drop down box AND the List Box.  Then Deleted the Drop Down Box and issue is fixed.  So, with all that being said it seems to be a BUG in the application. 



angelica.c.hunt - Jun 21, 2019 - 4:57am ::
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