Inject list box filter values into the search field by using the JavaScript API?


I am trying to figure out if there is a way to inject search expression into a ListBoxFilter in my analysis file using only the WebPlayer's JavaScript API ( For example, in my analysis file, I have a ListBoxFilter called "API - 14/UWI Unformatted" (see attached image). I would like to allow the user to paste a list of values - "value1, value2" into a textarea html element that is on the same page as the Spotfire WebPlayer itself. Then, a javascript code will format the list of values so that they are separated by "or" (e.g. value1 or value2, the ListBoxFilter accepts that expression and will select both value1 and value2 from the list). 

Could anyone please confirm if the JavaScript allows access to a specific filter in the opened analysis document so that I can set its search field with the formated text?


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