Insert new line in formula

I have an integration from CRM to GP. The field for the invoice text comes from a description field in CRM. However, when it is migrated over, the text looks messy on the invoice as it goes onto the next line in the middle of a sentence. Our invoice has 3 key pieces of information in the text so I would like it to go onto the next line after each piece. 


I know I can use escape characters (/r/n) with the $ sign to help with this but i need to tell it where to split.


This might help with an example.


sales.orderdescription = A: Infomation_1 B: Information_2 C: Information_3


What I want to see is


A: Information_1

B: Information _2

C: Information_3


How do I manipulate the text field sales.orderdescription to present like this?


These separate lines are not separate fields in CRM, they are all one item of text that I need to insert carriage returns into.


Any ideas?

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